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About BuildIT!
Innovative ideas, Outstanding methodology 

The main goal of BuildIT! is to support adult educators, to boost their teaching methods and skills through an innovative solution: the Building Based Upskilling (BBU) methodology

A handbook will be designed, build on the innovative methodology of Building Based Upskilling.  A new resource to catch the attention of adult learners into courses and improve educators teaching method and skills.

This handbook contains innovative and interactive educational approaches, based on using building blocks, puzzles and other materials from which one can create and build in order to conceptualize and visualize abstract concepts. It will be divided into twelve modules that will explain how to develop the fundamental skills known as «transversal competences».

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The main idea: educational resources targeting adult educators to tackle and raise the low participation of adult in life-long learning  


The Building Based Upskilling (BBU) methodology: new and inspired by other fruitful methodologies like the LSP or KOLB!  


Strategic activities are created and designed to help adults to develop important soft and hard skills required by companies nowadays!


The working process: to ensure the quality of the educational resources, it will be tested and validated by adult educators, NEETs and low skills adults, directly concerned by it, according to their needs and feedback!