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TPM - Bratislava, Slovakia

On 25 and 26 August 2021, the consortium met in Bratislava, Slovakia. This TPM - Transnational Partnership Meeting - was an opportunity for the partners to meet physically for the first time, except for Eurocrea Merchant who was not able to travel and participated in the meeting via remote connection.

Hosted by Topcoach, the partners worked on the data collection of the pilot phase 1 (feedback from educators trained in the BBU methodology).

The implementation of the pilot phase 2 (the testing of BBU activities by adult learners) was also discussed. As with pilot phase 1, the aim will be to gather information to improve the BBU methodology to make it even more relevant and appropriate for adult learners.

Finally, the consortium discussed the communication and dissemination actions related to the project.

The project is moving forward and taking shape!

Pilot phase 1 - Eurocrea Merchant

At the end of July, Eurocrea Merchant, the Italian partner, has conducted the first piloting phase of the project. The selected educators were thus able to receive theoretical training on the methodology developed in the project and get involved with the proposed strategic activities. Eurocrea Merchant partner chose to carry out the piloting in a virtual manner because of the risks associated with the health situation from COVID-19.

It was a challenge for them to reproduce online the strategic activities, which use building blocks as learning objects. To reach this purpose, they used a Jamboard, a free tool that could be easily used by all participants. Three strategic activities were tested: strategical and innovative thinking, teamwork and problem-solving.

Eurocrea Merchant partner was very pleased with the progress of this phase, in which the educators learned the methodology and training tools proposed by BuildIT! project.

Pilot phase 1 - Ligue de l'enseignement Nouvelle-Aquitaine

On the 30th of June and 7th of July 2021, the Ligue de lEnseignement Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the French partner, trained 10 adult educators over two days. The first day of the training took place online and the second was attended by 10 educators in person. 

The morning of the first day of training was focused on theory: the context of the creation of the methodology, notions and pedagogical bases, understanding of the BBU materials. During that afternoon, the educators were able to familiarise themselves with the manual and the BBU activities to be tested. 

The second day of the training was devoted to the concrete experimentation of BBU activities. Each educator prepared an activity to be tested with the other educators. Thus, they animated, lived, handled the BBU material, but also evaluated the activities proposes by the consortium! 

This first time experimenting with the BBU methodology was a productive and instructive time. The educators, in addition to experimenting, enriched the activities with suggestions, comments and even proposals for activities.

Pilot phase 1 - DAFO

In the beginning of June, the Spanish partner, DAFO Gestion Estrategica, has already started the implementation of the first pilot phase, in which 10 adult educators were trained on the BBU methodology and the strategic activities. DAFO organised the first pilot phase in a blended way (online and offline).

Online, the educators got all the required information regarding the basis of the methodology, the strategic activities targeting the transversal competences and the materials to be used: building blocks and puzzles. The objectives and results of the project were presented to the educators and they received the first online version of the Handbook and Training Plan, as a support in the implementation of the pilot phase 2.

Offline, the educators had the opportunity to practice 2 of the activities which will be implementing with their adult learners in the future. By experimenting the strategic activities in a practical way and the materials, we make sure the educators acquired the needed theoretical knowledge and skills to further implement these activities with their adult learners.

At the end of this first pilot phase, the educators provided feedback on the BBU methodology and activities tested with the aim to have them improved.

Stay tuned to find out how the rest of the partners implemented the first pilot phase!

Transnational Meeting


On the 17th and 18th of March 2021, we organised our 2nd Transnational Partners Meeting, which was supposed to be held in Spain, in Medina del Campo (town of the Spanish partner). Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we organise it online. 

Using interactive presentations, videos and online tools such as Google Jamboard and Kahoot, we managed to emerge in a cultural virtual tower of Medina del Campo, as well as to get to know each other better through some exercices. 


This meeting was very fruitful and helped us to evaluate and conclude the work done so far on the BBU strategic activities, and to progress with the upcoming activities which are related to the Handbook and the creation of the Training Plan, as well as the preparation of the Pilot 1 Phase.

The launch of BuildIT! project

Picture of the KOM


During two days the partners met to launch BuildIT! project: intensive work during the first partner meeting. We have two years of cooperation ahead of us, during which we will develop a set of activities to develop and train competences useful in the labour market on the basis of working with blocks, puzzles and other teaching materials, which will then create a handbook. Our direct target group will be educators and trainers working with young people out of the education system, with no additional training or work (NEETs) and low skilled adults. The partner institutions come from countries with different rates of participation in adult education. These are France, Italy, Spain and Slovakia. The coordinator of the project is a Polish institution - the Academy of Business and Health Sciences in Łódź.