Pilot Phase 2 practice


Pilot Phase 2 - Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu I Nauk O Zdrowiu

In autumn and winter 2021 WSBINOZ has launched pilot phase no 2. Now the main role was in hands of our educators – participants of pilot phase no 1. They had occasion to test our innovative activities with their own learners. In Poland young adults (aged 18-22) as well as people with mental disorders took part in this phase. Each educator should implement activity with 10 trainees but we managed to engage even more of them.

During workshop educators have tested activities related to following transversal competences like: empathy/ability to build relationship and negotiation. 

We have gathered positive feedback after the second phase of the workshops and what is even more valuable, we have discovered the great potential of BBU methodology to be used in a different group of learners if it comes to age, health and learning skills.

Pilot Phase 2 - Topcoach

During Autumn 2021, Topcoach sro, the Slovak partner, implemented the activities of Pilot Phase 2.  The primary objective of the pilot 2 phase was to implement the following three activities with adult students by educators who had been trained during the summer of 2021 on the BBU methodology:
1. Flexibility and adaptability "Puzzles for the pros"

2. Collecting and proceeding information "Construction of abbreviations"

3. Intercultural skills and global awareness "The values and objectives of the European Union"

Gathering feedback to enhance the BBU manual's content was the goal of this phase. More than 100 individuals, mostly low-skilled and NEET adults, participated in the testing of these three activities. We were able to make some changes to the BBU activities we designed thanks to the input we received from educators and participants, making the finished product even more geared toward the intended audience.

Pilot Phase 2 - Eurocrea Merchant

From July to February 2021, Eurocrea Merchant, the Italian partner implemented the activities of Pilot Phase 2. 

Educators who had been trained during the summer of 2021 on the BBU methodology, have themselves implemented the following three activities with adult students:

・Problem solving: "How to solve it?"

Teamwork: "Common building a house"

Strategical and innovative thinking: "Strategy of building the bridge" 

The objective of this phase was to gather feedback to improve the content of the BBU manual. In Italy, the three activities were tested with more than 100 adults, mainly with low-skilled and NEET adults with university studies. 

The feedback gathered from educators and participants allowed us to improve some aspects of the BBU activities we created and thus present a final product even more attentive to its target group.

Pilot Phase 2 - ligue de l'Enseignement nouvelle-aquitaine


From July to November 2021, the French partner, the Ligue de l'Enseignement Nouvelle-Aquitaine, implemented the second pilot phase with its public. 156 adult learners, including low-skilled NEETs, adults in professional reorientation, migrants and low-skilled adults, tested two activities created by Topcoach, the Slovak partner: activities based on organisation and time management and leadership skills.

Ligue de l'Enseignement Nouvelle-Aquitaine collaborated with 10 adult educators, previously trained in the BBU methodology, from its training department in the north of the region (former Poitou-Charentes region).

The most general positive feedback was that the fun and originality of the BBU methodology encouraged the participants to get involved with enthusiasm. For all of them, the activity allowed a better understanding of the targeted competence and they were able to make the link with the professional context and their current job and/or internship search.

Pilot Phase 2 - DAFO


From July to November 2021, the Spanish partner, DAFO Gestion Estrategica, has implemented the second pilot phase, in which 100 adult learners were trained to develop the transversal competences of decision making and learning orientation. DAFO has collaborated with associated partners from several towns from the region of Castile and Leon (Medina del Campo, Salamanca, Valladolid, Chañe), in order to ensure that the methodology and the strategic activities will get known and further used by other Spanish organizations.

DAFO organized the second pilot phase, in which the 10 adult educators who have been previously trained on the BBU methodology and strategic activities, have implemented 2 of those activities with their adult learners, more specifically NEETs with university studies and adults at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion.

By testing the strategic activities, we make sure that the adult educators get the practical experience on how to implement and integrate the BBU methodology and activities into their regular work and also, we get to know the opinion of the adult learners, in order to determine if our results achieved the proposed objectives.

 At the end of the second pilot phase, the both adult learners and educators provided their feedback on the activities tested with the aim to have them improved and to create the final version of the Handbook.

During the next phase of the project, the feedback will be analysed and a report will be released.


Stay tuned to find out how the rest of the partners implemented the second pilot phase!